Landscape Design and Principles


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Since landscape design role is getting more effectiveness and vital in the labour market of architecture and urban planning professions. Thus, the need to prepare well-qualified fellows who can deal with landscape different sites professionally is essential. Talent academy seized the opportunity to introduce the Landscape Design Course, in order to provide the labour market with well-qualified and educated fellows who are interested in landscape architecture.


Landscape design creates better quality of life for urban space users, also provides more comfortable paths and shades. Designing landscape can increase human comfort and productivity. Also, with landscape design the user can safe time to reach his destination. The main focus of the course is to produce an architect who is capable of designing an excellent design to reach maximum user benefit and achieve sustainability aims in landscape design.


With passing the course project evaluation, participants can look forward to career opportunities as a Landscape designer and coordinator, with a real chance to work in major independent professional offices or a major construction companies through practical talent engineering company which has gained in the last 15 years.



Basic knowledge of architecture and landscape is preferable to join this course.




The Landscape Design Course (LDC) is a 1 month program (24 training hours), the objectives of this course are:

1- Design landscape based on proper data and knowledge

2- Evaluate existing landscape designs based on performance criteria

3- Develop graphic communication skills to represent landscape design at the site scale

4- Apply principles of sustainable landscape design to a project site

5- Recognise landscape in a 3D context by developing landscape elevations and sections


Target audience

This course program is designed for the improvement of professionals, architects, and urban planners who are keen to enhance their designing skills and applying tools. By employing landscape design to more talented and professional design analysis. Potential participants include fresh graduates, architecture designers, consultants, contractors, project coordinators, project managers.


Course duration

4 weeks, 2 sessions weekly, 3 hours / session.


Course Price

Course price: Please call +201005658055


Course schedule




1.5 hour

1.5 hour

Lecture 1


· What is the difference between architecture, urban design and landscape architecture?

· What is landscape architecture?

· History of landscape architecture

· Landscape shapes and forms

Lecture 2

Landscape elements

has six main compositional elements:

· Soft cape and hardscape

· Landform, Vertical Structures, Horizontal Structures, Vegetation, Water, Climate

· Landform and pavements

Lecture 3

Landscape elements

· Water features and benches

· Green features (trees, flowers, etc.)

· Lighting

· Landscape design shapes (advantages and disadvantages)

Lecture 4

Projects examples & analysis

· Landscape analysis tools (texture, color, symmetry, shapes)

· Analyzing some projects

Lecture 5

Landscape design process

· Landscape design stages (9 stages)

· Site selection to apply design stages

Lecture 6


Applying Design stages

· Stage 1: Base sheet

· Stage 2: site inventory

· Stage 3: site analysis

· Stage 4: ideal functional design

Lecture 7

Applying Design stages

· Stage 5: site related functional design

· Stage 6: concept plan

· Stage 7: form composition

· Stage 8: preliminary master plan

Lecture 8

Applying Design stages

· Stage 9: final master plan

· Applying sustainable landscape elements

· Sections and elevations

· Finalizing the project



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