Structural Diploma for Concrete Structures Detailing



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    The course aims at providing principles of creating steel and concrete reinforcement detailing and fabrication drawings for each part of the structure with the background of the principles of structural engineering. Hands-on construction experience and skills, in addition, laying concept and tools to become a better practitioner engineer, you will gain and learn these tools through comprehensive lessons, set of problems, practical activities, and course assessments.





     A basic working knowledge of AutoCAD is recommended. Knowledge of the concepts of detailing in steel and concrete reinforcement is beneficial.





  The Structural Detailing Diploma is a (18 training hours), the objective of this diploma are:


   1- Creating Structural detailing drawings with complete details to facilitate construction requirements.

   2- Creating bar bending schedule for reinforcing bars fabrication.

   3- Coordinating all the disciplines and solving contradictions.

   4- Discovering problems in design and suggesting proposals.

   5- Studying the integration of the structure as a whole.

   6- Dealing with international standards/codes.

   7- Producing precise drawings, presentable, readable and easy for communication.

All objectives will be applied to exercises following each session. A Final assessment at the end of the course will be carried out through one of real Talent’s project.



Target audience


                   Fresh graduate engineers, Engineers have no or low experience in this field.


        Course duration



8 weeks, 2 sessions weekly, 3 hours/session.



Course Price


    Course price: Please call +201005658055



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