Introduction to Civil Engineering in Telecom Industry


Engineering New


1- General Principles of Practice.


This document is intended to get a general knowledge about Services operations, fabrication and installation of telecommunications towers and masts in the environment.

Our provision extends beyond just having a Theoretical information, it is embedded to provide a better command for learning and creating a pathway between the theoretical engineering information and the construction field by Discovering possible problems during construction and solve them.


2- Different Types of Telecommunication Towers.


Overview on different types of the Telecommunication towers, their allowable height, Location of installation, type of installation (installation Technique, advantages, and disadvantages) and behavior due to the different subjected loads and all the data required for their construction.


 3- Construction Technique of Telecommunication Towers.


Ø                  Investigation for Tower location: that includes studies for Roof Top or Green Field sites.

Ø                  Site Components for each type of tower.

Ø                 Construction process stages:


·      Roof Top Tower construction that includes:

  •          complete Site survey and civil works preparation.
  •          Materials Mobilization, Steel Structure, and RF installation.
  •         Complete all civil Works and Power Connection.

·      Green Field Tower construction that includes:

  •         Site Preparation & Excavation
  •         Soil Inspection and Properties
  •         Water table and dewatering technique.
  •          Soil Compaction
  •         Tower Foundation Types and construction: that includes making form work, reinforcement details, Installation of Anchor Bolts for Tower Fixation,  Leveling of Tower Base during Construction,
  •        Concrete Mix & Pouring Concrete


  •         Waterproofing & Back Filling
  •     Grouting and Tower Fixation
  •     Site fencing        



Summary Checks.

Ø  Description of the reviewing process and its Objectives.

Ø  Essential points to be checked

ü  Generally.

ü  Technically.

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