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BIM Diploma for MEP Engineers (Using Autodesk Revit)

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BIM has become one of the most exciting developments in the building and construction industry in recent years, With strategic implementation, BIM will significantly improve the design and construction process through more integrated project coordination.


This Diploma in BIM aims to impart in-depth knowledge on BIM fundamentals and develop strategic skills for BIM project planning and implementation. It will focus on BIM process, project workflow and guidelines of diploma's project.


With passing the diploma project evaluation, participants can look forward to career opportunities as a BIM Modelers and a good start as a BIM Project Coordinators, with a real chance to work in major independent professional offices or a major construction companies through practical talent engineering company has gained in the last 15 years.




No need for any knowledge about BIM or Revit.




     The MEP BIM Diploma is a 2 months (54 training hours) program, the objective of this diploma are:


      1- Creating 3D BIM Model from scratch and complete the model up to LOD 400 “Construction Model”. 

      2- Coordinating all the disciplines for free clash model after export & solve the clash detection reports.                

      3- Extracting a fully detailed construction documents.

      4- Extracting an accurate take-off and BOQ. 

      5- Rendering high quality interior and exterior shots.

     All objectives will be applied on exercises during the sessions and through the final project which is a real project (one of Talent’s project), you will learn all BIM process and standards to be on the right track to working as a BIM Coordinator.


Target audience


This Diploma program is designed for the upgrading of technical personnel, professionals, engineers, and managers who are keen to enhance their skill-sets and implementation strategies for employing BIM for more effective design analysis and project coordination. Potential participants include fresh graduates, designers, consultants, contractors, project coordinators, project managers.


Course duration



9 weeks, 2 sessions weekly, 3 hours/session.




Course Price


    Course price: Please call +201005658055


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