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Our Story

The idea of Talent Academy was born as a matter of sharing in rebuild of our Arab world communities by providing Engineers and Consultants with quality education, training & opportunities to develop their professional skills and attributes necessary to advance personally and professionally. Talent Academy programs are run by professional engineers in all training fields – not by Academic staff who focus on theoretical topics – which enables graduates of Talent Academy to practice real engineering exactly as they will face in real projects.


Identify the BIM scope for each Project Phase

Identify who and how the project team participate in BIM project

Recognize functionality and characteristics of BIM models

Understand the project collaboration procedures and common data environment

Understand the unified BIM modeling strategies

Develop the BIM Models with high quality and following international modeling procedures

Work in a team to produce shop drawings for projects with large and complex projects

Create and develop the project content library

Prepare project details using intelligent parametric tools

Perform the 3D coordination process using advanced tools

Extract the project quantities from BIM

Visualize the technical issues using 3D presentations

Develop a standardized project template

Simulate the project using 4D and 5D analysis

Why Us

We believe that the theoretical way of learning does not allow the students to be interacted with course content, so we are eager to allow you adequate time for practical application (workshop) according to session content.

All our instructors are engineers with experience in the field of engineering services, so you will be able to take the knowledge in the form of academic 
as well as the practical application, we will share with you our experiences since 1 9 9 9 in the field of engineering services and provide you with scientific material that will achieve the maximum benefit for you.

Standard Procedures


  • Staff training to be BIM Modeler “Essential Level”
  • Staff training to be BIM Coordinator “Advanced Level”
  • Staff training to be BIM Project Manager
  • Customized sessions for managers & top management

2-BIM Standards & Protocols            Development

  • References, Standards & Unified Documents
    • NBIMS
    • AIA
    • UK BIM Protocol
  • Work Flow Process – Planning & Implementation
    • BIM Execution Plan
    • BIM Uses & Scope
    • BIM Phases & Workflow for all trades
    • Model Authors / Uses & Responsibilities
    • Technical Specifications (Naming / Filing / Checklist)
    • Templates Development
  • Evaluate the Integrated Project Delivery
    • Provide with mid and long-term efficiency gained from BIM implementation

3-Pilot Project

  • Creating 3D BIM construction model for all the building scope of works from scratch up to LOD 300
  • Coordinating all the disciplines after export and solve clash detection reports / Issuance of RFIs to clarify design or technical issues
  • Updating the BIM model to LOD 400 to be ready to extract the shop drawings
  • Updating the BIM model to reflect the latest changes in design and shop drawings
  • Extracting a fully detailed construction documents – Workshop drawings that comply with the project sheets & templates
  • Creating 3D BIM model up to LOD 500 “As Built Model”
  • Extracting as Built Drawings that comply with the project sheets & templates
  • Extracting an accurate material take off quantities from the BIM model as per project WBS or per any level of detail required and in accordance of the project’s method of measurement
  • BIM 4D – Linking the BIM model to the construction schedule, develop 4D Studies and Construction simulations
  • BIM 5D – Generating monthly interim payment from the BIM model
  • Rendering high quality interior & exterior shots